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What Are The Top Attractions To See During Visit To The Getty Center In LA

What Are The Top Attractions To See During Visit To The Getty Center In LA

Getty Center  Top Attractions

Getty Center is one of the famous places for Art which takes pride in keeping the Art safe from all hazards. You would want to visit this place when you are in LA as this is one place which you would not want o miss on your list if you are an Art Lover.


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The name says it all as Rembrandt Harmensz. This painting is done by van Rijn is one of the most celebrated painters in history, and the Getty is home to “the most significant collection of early Rembrandts in the United States,” This is one of the collection which you would not want to miss during your visit says Director Timothy Potts. During his lifetime, Rembrandt created nearly 100 self-portraits, regarded by many as “his most celebrated and sustained achievement,” according to Potts. As you would definitely want to visit this section to catch the glimpse of the Art.


This Art Collection was Acquired by the J. Paul Getty Museum in 2013, Rembrandt Laughing (ca. 1628) is an early self-portrait that depicts the artist dressed as a soldier, this is considered special as in this painting it shows relaxed and engaging the viewer with a laugh. Which is a unique art in itself. Rembrandt captured the spontaneous moment on copper using short, expressive brushstrokes. “[Rembrandt Laughing] is destined to become one of the Getty’s signature paintings,” said Scott Schaefer, the Getty’s former senior curator of paintings as said by the officials. Rembrandt Laughing is currently on view in Gallery E205 of the East Pavilion, along with other Rembrandt masterpieces such as An Old Man in Military Costume and The Abduction of Europa. This is one of the Art collection which you would not want to miss when you are in LA.

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